Why what I do matters

As a child development with a family emphasis major what I do is very important for everyone. Families are something that all of us have and most of those families have many dynamics. We all like to think that families are this perfect little group of people with parents and children and grandparents etc. and everything always works out, but for most, if not all cases, that is not the case. There are divorces, health issues, financial issues, separations, and so on that all affect the family and its functioning. What I will be doing is helping others to get through and move through this process so that those things that can really push a family to the edge can be work through in a way that is manageable for everyone, most importantly in my focus that if anything the children are protected and can live the lives they deserve.  

Also, in my position if I cannot be helping directly, I would like to be able to at least provide information to parents, grandparents, caregivers, and any others how to raise children and how to incorporate them into their family while also creating a lasting and stable environment they can grow up in and prosper in.  This may happen through directly speaking with family member, but also through educating the surrounding the communities on how to help all the children within that family, neighborhood, or community develop in the best way they can, and also in a way that fosters the family unit itself.

This is an important focus to me because I believe that families are the main unit that everything builds off of. You can look back at your life and your family or lack thereof and say that that experience was good or bad, but either way it had some kind of effect. It is the first thing you see and begin to understand and hopefully what me and other people in my field can do is make that the best experience as possible. 


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