With the recent little snow storm, it made me think about play and how important it is.  Play is such a simple thing, but it can have a huge impact on children. Play teaches children so many things socially, cognitively, and emotionally.  It is during play that you first learn how to interact with others, […]

Public Policy

During some of my readings, I have really gotten into the subject of public policy. Though the subject of public policy is something that people can debate about forever depending on the policy, what interests me more is the updating of public policy. What I have found that though there are many policies in place […]

Family Convo

This week I want to talk about communication within the family.  We all know that communication is important in any relationship, but even more so in the family. But, I’m not just talking about how your day was at dinner or planning the next week, I’m talking about every aspect of family communication.  You can’t […]

Families and the Workplace

I was doing some reading earlier and it mentioned how though society is moving toward more gender equality the work structure isn’t.  Today we live in such a face paced world.  There are always a million things going on and even more things to do. It is almost impossible to balance sometimes. So many times […]