Families and the Workplace

I was doing some reading earlier and it mentioned how though society is moving toward more gender equality the work structure isn’t.  Today we live in such a face paced world.  There are always a million things going on and even more things to do. It is almost impossible to balance sometimes. So many times when talking about family structure we think of the sterotypes of the men working and the women at home taking care of the kids and house.  Today we live in a world where both the men and women work and the home is thrown into a juggle between members of the family. Though it is important to balance that between members , it is important to remember that the workplace policies play a part in this balance too. It use to be that men worked and women stayed home so the workplace didn’t have to compensate for making family friendly hours and flexibility so that you could leave early to get your sick child or didn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter at 3 in the morning. Now however in many families both caregivers are working or there is only one caregiver and there isn’t that person to stay home and take care of the children while you are at work, so you have to balance getting the kids to school, finding a babysitter after school, scheduling doctor appointments when and if you can get off work, etc. Everything is just building and how  do you balance that if the workplace itself isn’t flexible and take the family aspect into consideration. In my opinion instead of worrying about whose job it is to do the dishes or laudry this week, we need to make a push to have the workplace be a place where you can have a safe secure job while also being able to support and balance your family, whether you have kids, siblings, spouse, or an elder parent in your life.


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