Turn that Frown Upside Down

This week I want to talk about something that is so simple but yet so complex and that is being happy in whatever you do.  So often we complain about the daily hassels of the day but why don’t we change our perspective a little and think about all the wonderful opportunities we have.  So many people search for the key to happiness but really it can be anything depending on how you approach each day and activity.  So I invite you all to take a step back and look at things a little differently today and appreciate every little aspect, even that long never ending day and those long list of deadlines that never end because afterall each day is a gift and that is why is why it is called the present.


One thought on “Turn that Frown Upside Down

  1. I love this. The strongest people are the happiest people. We all have problems in our lives, but the people who can set them aside to stay focused on the good, they are the strongest. I love to watch and learn from those people. My roommate is one of them and I just dont understand how she can find so much good in everything. Its a good game to play when you wake up every morning. Tell yourself to find something good in everything you do today.

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