Thoughts About Parenting

In one of my classes we talk a lot about parenting and made me think about what makes a good parent. This made me realize there are no perfect parents. As a parent no matter what you do, you are going to make mistakes, but that’s still okay because parenting is a learning experience. If you mess up once, you just have to do better the next time around.  That is kind of a scary thought, but is hopeful to know that that is how it is for every parent and no one person is completely prepared. When thinking about this however, I thought of a few things that make a good parent. These include:

– Realizing that you will and have made mistakes 

– Use each day and situation as a learning experience 

– Don’t give up 

– Enjoy the little moments and victories 

– Take it day by day 

– Realize that every child will be unique so you can’t compare them to everyone else

– Love your child! This is probably the important one and even without the rest, you will still build some kind of positive relationship 


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