A Positive Attitude

Today, I was just thinking about how much a positive attitude can change a situation or at least your perspective of it.  So many times in life, bad things happen and we focus on the negative and tend to complain a lot, but you would be amazed that just a little change in perspective can have on your day.  Today, I experience this first hand because I found out I had to go get another MRI for a hip injury that returned after 6 months of treatment. At first I just wanted to wallow in my own sorrows, but I then tried to keep my head up and hope for the best and soon enough I was having a better day than I could have ever imagined. Not to say that a positive attitude will take away any of your problems, because that’s not the case, but at least it can give you a silver lining in the situation and maybe you’ll realize that whatever was stressing you out may not be quite as bad as you think, or at least not bad enough to ruin a unique and blessed day. 


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